When Man saw a bird…

மனிதன்மாறிவிட்டான்மதத்தில்ஏறிவிட்டான் …. ”
= கவிஞர்கண்ணதாசனின்ஒருபழையசினிமாபாடல்.
= Famous words of Poet Kannadasan, in a song from an old Tamil movie… much like in these lyrics, Man invented the airplane and set foot on the peak of the flying invention!
In 1916, another American, William Boeing, started the Pacific Aero Product Company in Seattle, USA.
American Boeing and European Airbus hold monopoly in the global commercial aircraft market segment!
The dreaded 19:Sept11, 2001, Tue, 07:00
American Airlines AA11, ETD 07:59
Boeing 767; Boston-Los Angeles
Logan Airport sees an average of 1,000 flights (landing/take-off) on a daily basis.The sheer joy of the soon-to-be meeting of their great grandson also took flight. Yes, they were on cloud nine, indeed…
The vengeful 14:Sept 11, 2001, Tue, 07:15
United Airlines UA175, ETD 08:14
Boeing 767; Boston-Los Angeles
Logan sees a daily average footfall of about 75,000 people. At precisely 08:14 am, UA175 took off and soared into the skies, carrying these merry souls to their destination. or, so it seemed…
The nemesis 9:Sept 11, 2001, Tue, 07:00
American Airlines AA 77, ETD 08:10
Boeing 757; Washington Dulles-Los Angeles
It was just impossible for Naveen to even imagine..At 8:10 A.M., AA77 took off and was but a dot in the sky in a few moments…
The fearsome 4:Sept 11, 2001, Tue, 07:00
United Airlines UA93, ETD 08:42 (delayed)
Boeing 757; New Jersey-San Francisco
She was an Indian immigrant mother in the USA… She had come down to New Jersey for her daughter’s delivery.
Monumental Disaster #1: Sept11, 2001, Tue, 08:46
Manhattan, New York;
Flight AA11,with all its passengers on boardcrashed into the ninety-third floorof the north tower of WTC.All worldchannels were aired this disastrous event as “Breaking News.”They covered, aired it 24×7!
Monumental Disaster #2:Sept 11, 2001, Tue, 09:03
Manhattan, New York
The next aircraft, Flight UA175crashed into the eventy-fifth floor ofthe south tower of WTC.
Monumental Disaster #3:Sept 11, 2001, Tue, 09:37
Arlington County, Washington DC
Terrorists targeted and crashedAmerican Airlines AA77onto the southern sector ofThe Pentagon, the centre
ofUS Military Intelligence.The US Armed Forces got
downto action on a war-footing…
Monumental Disaster #4:Sept 11, 2001, Tue, 10:08
Somerset County, Pennsylvania Flight United Airlines UA93was forced by the passengers forcing it to crash on land nearSomerset County, PA,instantly killing all 44 aboard.
Monumental Disaster#5:Sept 11, 2001,Tue,Time: 10:22
World Trade Centre, Manhattan, NY.
Within an hour and 42 minutesof the horrific impacts,both the towers of like apack of playing cards!Completely destroyed.American Intelligence sleuths immediately sprung into action…
In all, 19 terrorists were involved on this fateful daythat changed the course of American history!Close to 3,000 peoplelost their lives. Why this hate against a baby in the womb?And, all those innocent children…what harm did they do to you?
Intelligence sources pinpointedthe notorious Al-Qaida as theperpetrators of these devastating incidents.The chief architectand planner:Osama Bin Laden
Marine Seals: Several American satellites are strategically positioned at dizzying altitudes of 36,000km over the earth.
With the help of such satellites, these agencies could listen into Bin Laden’s conversations, track his whereabouts. The marines had no choice but to gun Bin Laden down… and, they did exactly that. The Al-Qaida chief was slain!The divine saying: “Those who wield the sword shall perish by the sword”, was again fulfilled on that day.

Book of Virtue,Chapter: 33Abstinence from killing
Kural 324, English translation by G U Pope: Good path is that which considers how it may avoid killing any creature.