The White House (Ag)!!

The Mughal Emperors knowingly or unknowingly did a great favor… they mapped and drew the boundaries of a vast expanse of land that contained people who were multilingual and who comprised of more than 3,000 castes and tribes! Emperor Akbar ruled an expanse that, on the northwest, covered today’s Kandahar, Kabul and Kashmir. Mumtaz: ‘Mumtaz Mahal’, which meant,‘The chosen fairy of the palace.’Tharani saw the resplendent Taj Mahal bathed in glorious moonlight… she was dumbstruck with awe. Wow! ‘How breathtakingly beautiful!’ she thought… Mumtaz served as a wise counselor and advisor in the courts of Shah Jahan.And, she roared like a lioness in the battlefield. At night, she was a most tender woman in acceding to the desires of her husband… one woman, many faces …… Your naughty son is troubling me a lot…’ “This will be our last child, Mumtaz… it’s enough.” ‘Why do you say so? I’m ready for more…’ After 30 hours of labor pain in delivering a beautiful girl child, Mumtaz had bled profusely and her life sucked out… On the banks of Yamuna: He summoned his chief architect, Ustad Ahmad Lahouri, to consult and plan with him to convert Mumtaz’s burial site to a beautiful memorial. Tamizhachi(Tamil woman) Tharani: ‘My love is as pure as that of Shah Jahan-Mumtaz. I had decided this in Agra that night itself!’ she thought to herself… “உள்ளம்என்றொருகோவிலிலே தெய்வம்வேண்டும்அன்பேவா கண்கள்என்றொருசோலையிலே தென்றல்வேண்டும்அன்பேவா அன்பேவாஅன்பேவாவாவாவா” In the temple of my heart As a deity, O my love, come in… In the garden of my eyes A gentle breeze, O my love, come in… O my love, come in, do come in! The White House, Agra: The translucent white marbles from Makrana, Rajasthan, and the yellow jaspers from Punjab and, the jade and crystal stones from China… Pakistan, Iran, India: For nearly 2,300 years, this cultural and social evil of dowry was rampant in society.Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal attracts nearly 10 million tourists every year!Royal couplesand, heads of states and their spouses from countries such as the USA, Russia, China, Japan, the UK and Italy have visited the Taj and have snapped a picture of themselves in this awesome ambience! “Mumtaz, never will I part from you in this life.” ‘Oh, will he or will he not in the lives to come…will he part from me?’ Mumtaz tearfully pondered over his words… Book of BlissChapter132:Delight in Intelligence Kural 1315, English translation: When I said I would never part from her in this life her eyes were filled with tears.** +++ **