The world in our palm

Jerusalem, 962 BC:
On that day, a historic case was presented in the courts of King Solomon, the then ruler of Jerusalem…
Woman 1: ‘O King, this loving infant was borne by me and is mine.’
Woman 2: ‘She is lying, your majesty… this child was prayerfully borne by me in my womb. This is my loving child!’
King Solomon: “O minister, cut the infant in half and give one portion to each of these two women.”
There lived in Israel, a Jewish high priest, Yohanan ben Zakkai. ‘We, Israelis, have been on the run through many a land… The tyrannical kings of alien nations have oppressed our people for ages. How much longer must we be such nomads without a nation of our own?’

Dhronacharya: Imbibed in the heart and soul of the Indian populace is the monumental epic, Mahabharata, written by the great Ved Vyasa, a sage and ascetic, who mastered and practiced advanced levels in spirituality like Yogasana and Pranayama.
Shatabdi Express, 07:10 A.M.
Together, they listened to an old Tamil movie song:
Memories, they’re so evergreen
Like birds that sang and flew the skies
True friends so dear to one and other
Now, we fly away! Now, we fly away!!

“My only son has completed B.Tech. in IIT-M and has joined Microsoft in the US. Ah, your daughter… where is she doing her MS?”
Deni: “Students graduating out of nearly 70 of the Central Government institutions are well qualified. These include 16 IITs, 5 IISs, 30 NITs and 13 IIMs… Of all the Indians, Tamil engineers and software guys are truly a breed apart!
Emirates Flight: EK 545, 23:00 hrs
It’s about an hour since take-off from Chennai airport… the flight was bound for Dubai for the first hop…
“Hello, Rajkumar… how are you? Where are you based now?”
Both were alumni students of St. Michael’s Academy, Adyar, in Chennai. But, since then, the rigorous of higher studies and work commitments have taken them far apart.
Languages: Today, India stands head and shoulders above all other countries on this front!
And, look at the result of this… just 20 million Jews of the world account for one-fifth of all Nobel Prizes won!
Sri P.V. Narasimha Rao… an elite academician who was fluent in seven languages.
Today, the world has been shrunk to fit the palm of our hand in the Smartphone avatar!But, the youth have widened their world view in a 180-degree panorama of information.
English translation by G U Pope: Water will flow from a well in the sand proportion to the depth to which it is dug and knowledge will flow from a man in same proportion to his learning.*** ++++ ***