Switzerland’s Pair of Eyes

In an era dating 2500 years back, a renowned mathematician, Aryabhata, walked the sands of the earth…His mathematics abilities enabled him to discover the number “0”(zero).
Bhandari told his son, “Alright, Akshay… so be it. Calculate the pending interest amount for the INR 7,500,000 @36% p.a., add the interest for the interest for the delayed period and send to the school owner an SMS.”
Ever since the 90s, this business of education is a roaring one, indeed!Post 2014, medical colleges and schools are doing extraordinarily good.
The internet: Says the great TamilMahaan, a revered ascetic: “Of the two eyes, one denotes the science of numbers.” Back then, human societies, at large, lived happily and savoured life by relating with the earth and the sky. But, sadly, the man of today is spine-bent and bow-headed, immersed in the rigours of his “world of smartphone.”
Every student in Tamil Nadu’s IT sector dreams of an “overseas on-site assignment”. Put in four to five years of hard work and you grab an on-site opportunity in foreign countries .The underline, conversation, WhatsAppformate
Dude, a joke… beyond a certain age, parents stop whacking us… then, they marry us off as their hands are tired of beating us!
Ha ha… super!

If you’re watching TV without switching channels for a long time, it means thateither the remote is in repairor youare mentally ill!

Maappu! Great!

Suresh: One who hides his mistakes from his wife is an average guy… But, the one who hides his marriage itself from another girl’s eyes is a great guy!!

Nevertheless, the Tamil language today stands head and shoulders above all other languages as the oldest classical language in the world!
A sea of humanity wages war…
Beyond continents, intercontinental wars…
Everywhere, at the drop of a hat,
War ….War……war!!!
Nestling in the embrace of the mighty Alpine mountain range in Central Europe, the beautiful country;Switzerland.Their people are a mix of Germans, French and Italians. Out of this, two-thirds are Germans. The present-day population is around 8 million. In World War I, Switzerland distanced itself from the warring countries, refusing to take sides.
The pair of eyes:Surrounding Switzerland are Germany, France and Italy.The Swiss populace of today have long forgotten their birthplace and the countries of origin. Yet, they have not given up on their native tongues, in which they love even now and, perhaps, forever.
To this day, they cherish their native tongue, relishing its origin and traditions. So, fittingly enough, these three languages – German, French and Italian – are the official languages of Switzerland, in their three respective zones.
A false notion – that speaking only in English brings respect and dignity – has been sown in the hearts of our young children and youth. Apt to the words of Tamil Mahaan, the people of Switzerland take pride in upholding all in their native-tongue as one of their “eyes”!
The ETH Zurich University (Engineering and Sciences) in Switzerland ranks ninth in the list of globally-renowned universities. So, true to Tamil Mahaan’s saying, the Swiss consider and uphold the science of numbers as the other “eye”.As I look into the “crystal ball” of time, 50 years into the future: What would be the state of mind in all those Tamils who haverelocated thus?O dear Tamilian, your generation will forget the mother soil that birthed you?
Your nation will be no more than a ghostly shadow… but, never should you forget that Tamil, your native tongue, is the critical umbilical cord that connects you to your near and dear ones! As Tamil Mahaansaid, guard it like your pupils of an eye !!

Book of Virtue,Chapter: 40Education
Kural 392, English translation by G U Pope: Letters and numbers are the two eyes of men.