Paternal Grandpa defeated ! Why?

The Western Ghats in India – with a length of nearly 1,600 kilometres and a width of about 160 kilometres – is the cradle of life for several species of flora and fauna.As a symbol of the hard-working farming community lies a village in Western Tamil Nadu.
Mahabharata: This monumental epic, Mahabharata is imbibed in the soul and body of each of the 102 crores Hindus of the world (1.02 billion).The mounting enmity between the Pandavasand Kaurava families for royal succession results in the Battle of Kurukshetra, the climax of Mahabharata.
A leash of foxes: There are foxes aplenty in that village surrounding the mountain foothillareas. One day, a four-month old infant was snatched by a fox and taken away.
The wailings of the newborn infant drowned the clamour of the villagers.A muscleman set out for rescue and started climbing a peak. The muscleman gave up the idea of going up….. A youngster from one of the nearby villages volunteered and sped up the peak like Spiderman… but, his efforts too were futile due to sheer exhaustion!
Next, a fearless woman volunteered and set foot on the hill, going in the direction of the infant’s wailing… bravely, she willed herself and her body to do this.
Yes, she leaped in joy likeSindhu, a sportswoman,who had won a trophy.
The Battle of Kurukshetra: On the one side fought the five Pandavas, sons of MaharaniKunti Devi.Leading theopposing front was Karnan, her first-born. He was fighting for the Kauravas.
The son of Surya (the sun god) grantedthe two requested boons to his mother, Kunti.All of Arjuna’s arrows fell on him as garlands, thus keeping him from harm’s way.Since he consented two favoursto his mother, Kunti Devi,Karnan lost the Battle of KurukshetraDuryodhana too lost the battleAlso, the paternal grandfather{Pitha Mahan}lost!The request of Kunti Devi andthe sly strategy of Lord Krishnaresulted in the defeat of the Kauravasand Karnan!
Thus, she saved herfive Pandava sons…Yes, eventually,Kunti Devi,the mother,won the battle of wits andthe paternal grandpa {Pitha Mahan}was defeated
Oh yes… in this world andin any other world that may exist…the ‘Mother and Motherhood’triumph all the time!
Book of Virtue,Chapter 7:The Wealth of Child
Kural 65, English translation by G U Pope: The touch of children gives pleasure to the body; hearing of their words gives pleasure to the ear.