Pandian Express

The British colonial rule in India … there were many spine-chilling events that occurred.
The MMChas evolved into aworld-renownedinstitution from the day of inception.Sarojini, the captain of the Stella Maris women’s team, Ranjani and their fellow- players in the front row. SIMS won the first game.
MMC won the second game.
Ranjani: ‘Name’s Anand… he’s an intern.’
Ahh… I’ve forgotten his name,da, but not his smile…”
MMC won this game and was declared winner by two games to one, thus becoming champions!
Stella Maris College was declared winner and champion!!
“You studied in Ramnad Schwartz School, didn’t you?”
‘Oh yes’, was the response mingled with a gentle smile…

“Your game was really exciting, Anand!”
‘My, my… you have a fantastic fans following in Chennai!’

Finally, Sethu came to a gentle halt. Both of them alighted and Roja departed by car with her paternal uncle.

Of the 400,000 varieties of flowers in the world, Mother Mary’s choice were roses; the queen of all flowers, as recorded in the ancient Greek epics.They were deep in discussion on the strategies for upcoming state elections.
All the birds in the world, have only three voice-calls:
Mating call …
Call for fetching the food…
Cautioning callagainst predators…
Anand was well-versed with the nuances of different birds tunes…..
“My granddaughter is a smart girl… look at her selection!
Ashma: ‘Hey Roja, do you place your faith in God?’
Roja: “Sure… for Anand’s sake, I’ll believe in any god.”

The active human brain features billions ofmicroscopic nerve cells.
To him, her kiss was like the endearing sweetness of the dates that hung by clusters on an eternal fruit-bearing tree…The beauties of Baghdad had this taste on their lips, it seems (when did my Roja go to Baghdad?).
Elangovan: ‘Hey Anand, how are you, man?’
Anand: “I’m fine, how are you doing? Have you cleared school studies?”Elangovan and Anand were classmates in the
“Oh, did he? When can we meet?”
‘Right now, he is in his farmhouse. Come on, let’s go meet him and then you can go home.’
“The garland that was worn by the deity
Can it be thrown to the ground?
Book of Love,Chapter111:Joy of Inbreeding
English translation by G U Pope: The simultaneous enjoyment of the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch can only be found with bright braceleted women.*** ++++ ***