Country “without”… where?

“காகித ஓடம் கடல் அலை மீது
போவது போலே மூவரும் போவோம்….
Evergreen lyrics written by the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the Late Dr. M. Karunanidhi……
“O, akin a paper boat
that’s buoyed in the vicious wave
we three float we will”
Much like this hapless boat did the land masses move away in different directions to eventually become the various continents that we know today.A bizarre game played by Mother Nature and witnessed by man.One among these tribes is the Sentinelese.‘For Sentinelese, no need of modernization, no need for technology, we’ll stay away from you, you stay away from us.’ This has been their silent motto over the centuries!
North Sentinel is a tiny yet beautiful 60 island, at approximately 60 kilometer due west of Port Blair.Have these riches madethis continent so dark and poor?One ponders and searches For an answer…
Elation in exploitation: The Europeans set out to ‘do’ this… Portugal started the move, followed by France and Great Britain. Then came Italy, Belgium and Spain.Africa is the second largest continent, with 54 countries in it. Of these, the British colonised 21 countries, France 19 …..
Zimbabwe: A landlocked East African country, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) lies to the north of South Africa. This beautiful country houses 13 million people and, is rich in farmlands and agriculture.
Later, in 1987, Mugabe was elected President and held the post up to 2017. Zimbabwe’s two principal products for export are gold and agricultural produce.
Single president: Robert Mugabe was 94 years old.In 2018, the ruling party formally announced the candidature of Mugabe for re-election
But, from 1998 onwards, the Zimbabwean economy took a steep tumble down hill on account of its interference in the war in Congo. As a result, the Zimbabwean currency crashed and was heavily devalued in 2008. The reading was horrific:
1 USD = 6,000,000 Zim. Dollars!
The economy daily slide of 100% in the economy! Amidst this terrible crisis, the government tried to restore sanity by introducing new denominations in currency instruments (high- and hyper-denominationnotes), pushing in the new 100-million Zim dollar and the 10-trillion Zim dollar currencies. But, there was no respite to the situation!
The government made the USD as the official legal currency of the country. In January 2013, Zimbabwe’s forex reserves stood at a mere USD 217… yes, you read it right, just 217 US dollars!
A country without: Since April 2009, Zimbabwe became a country without a currency. The author of this book, Thomas Paine, was an Englishman. Within six months of the book’s publication, the American Congress was assembled in Philadelphia, USA. The very same day, the Congress issued the proclamation to declare the collective independence of the confederated states in America. The one of the essence of the book: “An old man at the throne brings with him the twin liabilities of fatigue and senility that will impair good governance.”
“As a result, the land that he rules will degrade and be destroyed without governance.”
Kural 553, English translation by G U Pope: The country of the king who does not daily examine into the wrongs done and distribute justice, will daily fall to ruin.*** ++++ ***