Blood-Red Earth

Ancient European explorers dreamt big on discovering new continents beyond their shores.
Wow! What a surprise!! They hit the shores of a strange new continent, America… but, finally, their dream of sailing to India was also realised!
“O, you floating clouds, listen but just a word
To this troubled heart of mine, be a comfort
To this troubled heart of mine, be a comfort…”
The Isthmus of Suez caught their eye. That’s exactly what those sailors looked at… cutting a canal through this would reduce the distance to India by over 7,000 kilometres!
Yemen has a population of about 30 million.
“Boss, I have brought the two Red Cross volunteers.”
‘Take them to our guest room’
Holy Prophet: The last of the prophets sent by God was Mohammed.On encountering Mohammed’s army, they were gripped with fear and meekly surrendered to him.
Brutal murders, torturous treatment to captives… aren’t these diametrically opposite to what Prophet Mohammed preached? Cold-blooded murderers, these!!
“Sir, two of our workers have been kidnapped by Al-Qaida terrorists.”
Switzerland is home to the Red Cross world headquarters in Geneva.
Dhirubhai Ambani: In the Indian business circles, the name ‘Ambani’ is familiar to almost every person.
After an employment stint of seven years, Dhirubhai Ambani decide to start a small business enterprise.
The Red Cross was founded with an objective to tend to and take care of soldiers wounded in battles and wars.
Worldwide, 5,000 staffs and nearly 50,000 volunteers tirelessly towards these noble causes. The International Red Cross has bagged the Nobel Peace Prize thrice – in 1917, 1944 and in 1963.
24 million of the Yemeni Populace
lives below the poverty line…
700,000 suffer from the deadly
Cholera epidemic…

“Entering the temple to
seek relief from tyranny,
Two dancing devils there
to keep me company!

In Myanmar, the Rohingya refugees …
In Syria, war that rages for eternity…
In Somalia, terrorists, pirates and
war-torn factions for countless years…
In Northern Sri Lanka, the war excesses
on the Tamil separatists and innocent Tamils…
The Afghan Taliban groups…
the list is endless!
“God is Love. Love is God.”over a billion Hindus.
Prophet Mohammed’s “to forgive the rival in war”.1.5 billion Muslims live in peace and harmony.
In Christianity,“love your neighbour as yourself”. Over 2.2 billion Christians.
Book of Virtue, Chapter8:Selfless love

Kural …..English translation by G U Pope: They say that the felicity which those who after enjoying the pleasure {of the conjugal state} inthis world, obtain in heaven are the result of their domestic state imbued with love.*** ++++ ***