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Thiruvallur  Tours The World

This must-read book is an interesting compilation of incidents/accidents/WWII/ anecdotes/Epics of different genre that have occurred in different time periods and in different corners of this world.
The author is a widely – traveled personality, having visited all the continents over the past four decades. The stories range from true-life events of a fisherman in Rameswaram to a Japanese Emperor who ended the WW II. The world’s most unforgettable accidents of the 19 Al-Qaida terrorists who hijacked four aircraft’s in the USA on 9/11, and destroyed the World Trade Centers, Manhattan, NY. The Swiss national’s endearing nature of their mother tongue


The Mother:
A anecdote talks about thebondage between a mother and a child with reference to Mahabharata epic. Two love stories: Pandian Express and about Shah Jahan & Mumtaz. The heart-wrenching stories of the death of young children in Yemen and the conflicts between the government and the militants. The tales of an African country and its state of destroyed economy…..yes, there is one for everyone!
Each anecdote / chapter is correlated with a Thirukural couplet, an effort to convey to the global community; the significance of Virtue, Wealth and Love which are three books of the great Tamil Mahaan. A sage, poet and Tamil scholar, Thiruvalluvar lived 2,000 years back in Tamil Nadu, India. Each Thirukural 1st line four words and 2nd line three words and total 1,330 couplets of the same format with only 1 3/4 lines.
This book, English version will be published in multi-platforms e-Book, Print Book during July/Aug 2019.

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Thiruvallur Tours The World
– First Journey-


1. நம்ம புது வள்ளம் {New Sailing Boat}

Our New Vallam (New Sailing Boat)

The Palk Strait is known for frequent Indian fishermen captures and shootings by the Sri Lankan Navy.
The epic history of Rameswaram dates5,000 years back to the Ramayana era. Dass, a fisherman by birth, lived in Thangachimadam. The Indo-Norwegian Project (INP) was started in 1972, startedfishermen training centres.Read More

2. இரண்டாம் உலகப்போர் முடிந்ததா !!{Do WW II over?}


Japan isin the Pacific Ocean, consisting of approx. 6,800 islands. Eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and floods occur on a day-to-day basis.From 660BC to this day, Japan adopts kingship and royalty as its model of governance.In 1926, the country chose Emperor Hirohito, then aged 25, as its 124th king.
On September 1, 1939, World War II began and involved over 100 million armed forces in mortal combat. Read More

3. பறவையைக் கண்டான் மனிதன் {When man saw a bird}

When Man saw a bird…

மனிதன்மாறிவிட்டான்மதத்தில்ஏறிவிட்டான் …. ”
= கவிஞர்கண்ணதாசனின்ஒருபழையசினிமாபாடல்.
= Famous words of Poet Kannadasan, in a song from an old Tamil movie… much like in these lyrics, Man invented the airplane and set foot on the peak of the flying invention!Read More

4. சுவிட்சர்லாந்தில் இரு விழிகள் { Switzerland’s Pair of Eyes}

Switzerland’s Pair of Eyes

In an era dating 2500 years back, a renowned mathematician, Aryabhata, walked the sands of the earth…His mathematics abilities enabled him to discover the number “0”(zero).
Bhandari told his son, “Alright, Akshay… so be it. Calculate the pending interest amount for the INR 7,500,000 @36% p.a., add the interest for the interest for the delayed period and send to the school owner an SMS.”
Ever since the 90s, this business of education is a roaring one, indeed!Post 2014, medical colleges and schools are doing extraordinarily good.Read More..

5. பிதாமகன்ஏன்தோற்றார்? {Paternal Grandpa defeated! Why?}

Paternal Grandpa defeated ! Why?

The Western Ghats in India – with a length of nearly 1,600 kilometres and a width of about 160 kilometres – is the cradle of life for several species of flora and fauna.As a symbol of the hard-working farming community lies a village in Western Tamil Nadu.
Mahabharata: This monumental epic, Mahabharata is imbibed in the soul and body of each of the 102 crores Hindus of the world (1.02 billion).The mounting enmity between the Pandavasand Kaurava families for royal succession results in the Battle of Kurukshetra, the climax of Mahabharata.Read More

6. Pandian Express

Paternal Grandpa defeated ! Why?

The British colonial rule in India … there were many spine-chilling events that occurred.
The MMChas evolved into a world – renowned institution from the day of inception. Sarojini, the captain of the Stella Maris women’s team, Ranjani and their fellow- players in the front row. SIMS won the first game.Read More..

7. Blood-Red Earth

Blood-Red Earth

Ancient European explorers dreamt big on discovering new continents beyond their shores.
Wow! What a surprise!! They hit the shores of a strange new continent, America… but, finally, their dream of sailing to India was also realised!
Read More..

8. Country “without”… where?

Country “without”… where?

“காகித ஓடம் கடல் அலை மீது
போவது போலே மூவரும் போவோம்….
Evergreen lyrics written by the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the Late Dr. M. Karunanidhi……
“O, akin a paper boat
that’s buoyed in the vicious wave
we three float we will”
Much like this hapless boat did the land masses move away in different directions to eventually become the various continents that we know today.Read More..

9. The world in our palm

The world in our palm

Jerusalem, 962 BC:
On that day, a historic case was presented in the courts of King Solomon, the then ruler of Jerusalem…
Woman 1: ‘O King, this loving infant was borne by me and is mine.’
Woman 2: ‘She is lying, your majesty… this child was prayerfully borne by me in my womb. This is my loving child!’
King Solomon: “O minister, cut the infant in half and give one portion to each of these two women.”
Read More..

10.The White House (Ag)!!

10.The White House (Ag)!!

The Mughal Emperors knowingly or unknowingly did a great favor… they mapped and drew the boundaries of a vast expanse of land that contained people who were multilingual and who comprised of more than 3,000 castes and tribes!Read More..

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I’m Dasnavis Fernando

“Thangai” is the pen name of Dasnavis Fernando. A native of Thangachimadam from Rameswaram Island. He graduated in Engineering,1977 in Madras University {CIT, Coimbatore}. He did a course on ‘International Business Management’ in Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Interestingly enjoyed fifty years of life with traditional fishermen. Operated Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers in India and foreign waters {with Govt licensing}. Mainly fishing for Lobsters and Prawns. Exported Seafood globally, to all continents for thirty years.

He was nominated as a Director in Shipping Corporation of India {SCI: A PSU Navaratna} for three years. He joined as a ‘Friendly Equity’ partner with Mitsubishi’s group co, Japan.

Along with Japanese friends traveled for business to twenty-one countries in all continents. This is his First World Tour with Thiruvalluvar..




Mr.Dasnavis Fernando has made his maiden attempt to pay tribute to world’s greatest legendary Tamil Saint Thiruvalluvar through his book “உலகம் சுற்றிய திருவள்ளுவர்” ( World Tour by Thiruvalluvar)


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